Random Acts

Random Acts
of Loving Kindness

John gave a HUG to Susan
Many you be filled with Loving Kindness.
John gave a BLESSING to Susan
May you be at ease and happy.


You can register here whatever thoughts or emotions you are seeking to experience. We will walk with you in your journey.

I am ready to BE THE PEACE I wish to see in the world.

We pass around billions of computer cookies each day. Why not pass around spiritual cookies?

R.I.P. Old Self

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”

Lyndon B. Johnson

We are imperfect
birds living in an
imperfect nest
built by imperfect

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What if we completely re-imagine social media? Create a new kind of artificial intelligence — one that helps us master the world inside? A team of over 2,000 psychologists, writers, designers and computer scientists from 53 countries spent 8 years developing the Wellgorithm. It’s a next-gen spiritual technology, helping you master adversity, strengthen your psychology, and stay focused on becoming your best possible self.

What's Next in AI:
A pixel by pixel map
— of your soul.


A sneak peak
inside your mind.

Stories from our
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We have self-driving
cars. But when will we
have self-loving


"I am a miraculous bit
of stardust."
Aha Moment
"I am a once in a
trillion year
"Now is he perfect
time for me to


“Gradually, we start to
live in a growing field of
goodwill and good
humor, holding
ourselves and others
with a lighter heart.”

Joseph Goldstein

Bliss Kisser
I am ready for a deel healing, and it starts today.

Sobriety Central

Somewhere beneath the surface, beneath just the using body, there was the real me — a hurt, scared individual, wishing for freedom. The pain I was in was so deep, one 12-step meeting wasn’t going to fix me. The levels my addiction took me to were in the darkest places, and it is in those times I remember thinking, “I’m either going to die, or change.” I found strength within myself to want to change. And I did. Alyssa Founding Member





        “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” Maya Angelou
        Compassion Cushion
        Today I am going to sit on my Compassion Cushion. For myself and all the world.

        “Merriment is as much a part of the divine expression as struggle is."

        Matthew Fox


        NOT AGAIN!

        Welcome to the Anxiety of Things (AoT)

        Not sure where to
        start? Try a


        AI Serving the Soul

        Soul Soother
        “Being broken is part
        of the journey.”
        Grace Race
        “My car, house, things, status, bank account — none of these compare to the race within my heart. The race to be free. The race to be me.”
        Flaws Lover
        “Ok, so I’m flawed. So what? Every great soul is flawed.”
        Obstacle Opera
        “When I hit a brick wall, I’ll sing instead of scream.”
        Peace Bath
        “You know what I feel like doing right now?
        Soaking myself in a nice warm tub of peace.”


        “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love."

        Mother Teresa

        “A Helpie is a small thing done with great love."

        “The next phase of human develop-ment will be gaining mastery of the world inside.”

        Yuval Noah Harari

        It’s time for an
        Emotions Audit
        • Status envy
        • Comparing myself
        • Justifying myself
        • Emotional yo yo
        • Likes and dislikes
        • Rumination on past
        • Worry about future
        • Inner mastery
        • Connection to nature
        • Presence in the now
        • Unconditional mindset
        • Unconditional love

        Bot Blogs

        There is a field of kindness. And through acts of kindness, we draw power from this field.


        “The AI says that tomorrow at 2 pm I have a 91% chance of getting angry. Now what?”

        Predicto explains...

        “From algorithms to wellgorithms — dawn of a new form of consciousness.”

        Cosmo explores...

        "Why compassion, and not just data, is the new oil."

        Wellgo reveals...

        Is fear really a BAMF?

        Hellgo says no...

        “Humanity’s progress has been a series of amazing audacious things from the very small and personal, to the very great big and grand. We are a species of moonshots, and to me that’s the really amazing, poetic and inspirational thing.”

        Richard Devaul